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Wendy Roby

Wendy Roby is a visual artist working in print, text and textiles from Stockport. Growing up in a new town surrounded by the stark forms of modernism their work aims to achieve the same simplicity of form and technique. In their work you will find that they enjoy playing with scale in both print and embroidery work which is starting to include more explicit, written protest. 

Roby’s current practice is focused on three things. First; developing the inclusion of protest text (and seeing how ‘hot takes’ change when they are produced using deliberately laborious methods, like hand embroidery). Secondly; developing impactful, environmentally-conscious and lo-fi printmaking processes that are accessible to anyone. Thirdly, exploring the sculptural possibilities of textiles (in particular wool) using paint, cutwork and manipulation. 

Sheila Haldane

Sheila grew up knowing her way around a sewing machine and dabbled in a variety of crafts. Once she had retired she began to indulge in making again. 
It was 2020, so it was only after the rally-call to sew NHS scrubs and face masks that she was able to settle into sewing. Sheila started making drawstring bags and sourced colourful satins, textured silks and crinkly taffeta. Her hoard of glorious off-cuts just kept growing, until she realised their potential. 
With a nod towards traditional embroidery and appliqué, and with a key focus on using spent materials, Sheila created imagined landscapes. She layers fabrics in a (mostly) linear fashion, sometimes randomly, sometimes with a plan and, on occasion based on an image. Sheila then hand and machine stitches to secure the fabric, then embroider to encourage flow pattern and texture, blend and add definition. 
She is now beginning to refine aspects of her methods and develop her own style, but still loves to experiment and will probably never stop learning.